Work Cover Patients

Eligible patients covered by QLD WorkCover are welcome at Toowoomba Private Emergency Centre.

Dear Employer

Your workers are your greatest asset.

Workplace accidents and work related illnesses are a major drain on any company, big or small – not to mention the flow on of escalating WorkCover premiums.

You can not afford the expense or inconvenience of not having full staffing levels.

How can we help you?

With over 18 years corporate experience in handling acute work injuries and illnesses, we are able to provide rapid assessment and treatment to your injured workers.

Where appropriate, our network extends to seamless referral to specialist investigation and treatment. We can arrange appropriate early rehabilitation referrals, all resulting in a better outcome for your employees and your bottom line.

Our established and close relationships with physiotherapists, rehabilitation services and the various workplace insurance groups ensure that rapid and appropriate interventions are assured.

With early appropriate return to the workplace, your employees benefit physically and psychologically.  Disruptions to the smooth running of your company will be decreased.

Our experienced doctors and nurses provide these services 24hrs per day at no out-of-pocket expenses to you or your injured workers.

One of our medical staff would be more than happy to visit your workplace to discuss how we can help you stay on top of workplace injuries and their related expenses. Please feel free to contact our practice manager, Narelle Burrows, to discuss any specific Work Cover issues which you feel we may be able to assist you with further.


* Providing you have the relevant cover with Work Cover QLD or similar self insured company.