Important Patient Information

There are some injuries or medical conditions which may not be immediately evident on your initial presentation. This is particularly so for some bone fractures (breaks) which may not be visible on the x-rays taken just after your accident.

If your condition does not improve as expected after you have left the Emergency Centre or if you are concerned in any way about the condition that you presented with, please do not hesitate to represent to the Emergency Centre for reassessment. There will be no out of pocket expense for you to be reviewed for the same problem. The consultation will be “Bulk Billed” and there will be no Service Fee involved. If you require further X-rays or blood tests, there will be a fee charged by those companies.


As a service to you whilst visiting our emergency department, our receptionists will provide information on the approximate costs of medical treatment. Our estimate does not include the cost of pathology tests, x-rays or pharmacy items, (which are billed by the relevant companies). Crutches, neck braces or similar items are also extra.

Costs of the medical consultation and possible procedures are only partially covered by Medicare and not at all by the Private Health Funds if associated with only outpatient treatment.

There is a Service Fee, including GST, for using the Department. This Service Fee is not covered by Medicare and only some Private Health funds, and is totally separate from the Medical Account.

The total “out of pocket expense” for medical fees will not exceed $350* unless advised otherwise. (As an example, if the total medical bill is $350 and Medicare repays $200, I understand that the “out of pocket expense” would be $150.) *(The “out of pocket” applies to each individual treating doctor)

*The fees mentioned are subject to change without notice.

Note; payment of fees is expected at the time of consultation

Our courteous reception staff will arrange for payment at the conclusion of your treatment.

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AC Name Toowoomba Private Emergency Group
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There are three simultaneous fee structures used

Medical Fees

Our medical fee structure takes into account the complexity of the problem, ancillary services such as ECG’s (heart tracings) and the time of day/night/public holidays.

Your account will be “capped” at a maximum of $300 for “out of pocket” expenses for medical fees.

If eligible your medical items receive a rebate from Medicare.

Some medical items may also receive a rebate from your Private Health Fund as well.

Service/Facility Fee

(No Medicare Rebate available)

The Toowoomba Private Emergency Group Pty Ltd is a private company which rents the Emergency Centre area from St Vincent’s Hospital, buys consumables used, provides certain medical equipment and finds doctors to perform the medical work.

The Service Fee charged goes towards meeting these intrinsic costs in making sure that there is a facility available for patients and ambulances to come to at any time of the day or night.

Pharmacy Fee

If you require specific medications, crutches, knee braces etc, then there will be a fee for these items.

DVA Patients

Department of Veteran Affairs patients are welcome to attend and be treated at Toowoomba Private Emergency Centre at no cost to the patient.

*Note there may be a charge for certain pharmacy items

WC Patients

Eligible patients covered by QLD WorkCover  are welcome at Toowoomba Private Emergency Centre